The team behind Kick Connector

Kick Connector is an app for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Kick Connector is an app for entrepreneurs
by entrepreneurs. We took what worked for us and made it accessible to business owners and contractors to help them grow and rise above competitors.


From Struggling to success.

As owners of Kick Print, a screen printing company, we struggled to stand out online, keep track of customers, and keep up with all our contact points (dealing with several different channels, like Facebook Messenger, Calls, Texts, Google My Business, and Webchats was nearly impossible).

Kick Connector allowed us to centralize all communication on one platform, track where our marketing dollars were going, and improve our online reputation. Realizing the power of this tool, we knew it was too good not to share.


Kick Connector became our all-in-one management tool.

After struggling with the headaches of trying to manage several things at once, we realized we needed all our customer management and marketing tools in one place. Kick Connector worked by connecting all our messaging, calling, scheduling, and marketing together.

Finally, we were free to get back to running the business instead of begging for client reviews or bouncing from messaging platform to platform. We could also manage leads, online listings, workflows, and analyze our marketing stats, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


See what Kick Connector can do for you.

We’re proud to provide entrepreneurs with tools for success; after all, it worked for us, so it can work for you. Gone are the days of going through Facebook, Google, emails, texts on your cell, texts on your associates cell, and phone calls. Never miss a lead again, increase your online reputation, and manage customers all from the same place. What used to take hours is now all in one place, saving you up to 9 hours a week, guaranteed.

  • Save Up To 9 Hours A Week

  • Headache-Free Messaging Platform

  • Double Your Leads

  • Manage Customers With The Full CRM

  • Manage Your Marketing From One Hub

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