Generating Sales made easy.

Let Kick Connector generate leads for you!

Automatically earn positive reviews and collect leads to land more jobs.


Never miss out on leads because of missed calls!

Kick Connector also offers an all-in-one inbox to easily manage all of the following in one place:

  • Texts

  • Emails

  • Facebook Messages

  • Google My Business Messages

  • Instagram

  • Website Chat

  • Contact Forms


Streamline Sales with A Pipeline

Kick Connector offers a Sales Pipeline so you can track your leads and make sales easily.

  • Organize Leads

  • Track Customers in the Buying Process

  • Know How Many Jobs Were Won or Lost


Fill your calendar with appointments.

With the calendar feature, you can schedule appointments and track how the meeting went.

  • Schedule appointments

  • Track the appointment

  • Mark the success of the meeting


Never overspend on underperforming ads again.

Kick Connector shows you which ads are generating leads so you can stop spending money on ads that don’t.

  • Track ad money spent

  • Know which ads generate leads

  • Stop overspending on ads that don't perform

Automate Positive Online Reviews that Turn Into Sales!

Improve your online ratings by requesting reviews and preventing negative ones.

  • Track ad money spent

  • Know which ads generate leads

  • Stop overspending on ads that don't perform

All this Available on One Convenient App

Take your All-In-One tool wherever you go! Manage Kick Connector from your phone or other mobile device. The App is available for FREE on Google Play and Apple Store.

Plus so much more!


Automate Online Reviews​

Collect positive reviews and prevent bad ones to elevate your online ratings.​


Missed Call Text Back​

Never lose a lead due to missed calls again! Text potential clients after missed calls.​


Calendars & Booking​

Set appointments, send reminders and more with booking capabilities.


Centralized Inbox​

See all your Emails, Texts, Webchats, Phone calls, Google messages, Instagram and Facebook messages in one place.


CRM Tool

Use the full Customer Relationship Management tool to keep detailed and accurate customer records.


Data Analytics

Track, measure, and monitor where your marketing dollars work the best.


Invoices & Payment Links

Send off your invoices and receive payments on one simple platform.


Lead Nurturing

Never miss a potential job by nurturing leads.


Websites & Funnels

Capture new leads with websites and funnels.

Want More Out of Kick Connector?

Check out our Add Ons designed to enhance your business!

Smart Reviews

Pro Account holders can automate positive customer reviews! Raise your rankings online, raise your sales.


Yext automatically lists you or your business on over 150 platforms ensuring that your information is found by your target customers. Once you put in the basic information, Yext takes care of the rest!

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